Our fees for a single room currently range from 823 per week to 903 per week*.

*This rate includes the NHS Registered Nursing Care Contribution (RNCC); sometimes called Free Nursing Care (FNC). Consequently the fee paid by the resident is £158.16 lower than that quoted (see below for details).


The NHS currently pays a contribution of £158.16 towards the cost of each resident's nursing care. This payment is designed to cover the care given by registered nurses, and is known as the Registered Nursing Care Contribution (RNCC), or Free Nursing Care (FNC). It is paid direct to the Nursing Home, provided an assessment carried out by an NHS nurse soon after the resident's admission determines that the resident requires nursing care and a nursing home is an appropriate place for them to be. Although it often takes some weeks to be paid to us, payments will eventually be backdated to the date of admission.

Some homes charge a fee to the resident and also keep the additional contribution from the NHS. However, at Wymondley we reduce our fees by the £158.16 that we receive. Therefore, for purposes of comparison with other homes' fee levels, our quoted fee should be reduced by £158.16.

The fees at Wymondley vary according to the size and location of the room. Our fees currently range between 823 and 903 per week (as explained above, this fee will be reduced by £158.16). The Registered Nursing Care Contribution should not be confused with Attendance Allowance, which is always paid direct to the resident.